NQ Dry Tropics rep on the Invasive Species Queensland committee

Invasive Species Queensland held a Zoom meeting recently which brought together representative from across the state to discuss the upcoming Pest, Animal and Weed Symposium (PAWS), held in Dalby in August. NQ Dry Tropics representative Senior Biodiversity Project Officer Jaymie Rains took a screenshot as she participated.

Senior Biodiversity Project Officer Jaymie Rains.

NQ Dry Tropics Biodiversity Senior Officer Jaymie Rains has been appointed as the North Queensland representative for Invasive Species Queensland, formerly known as the Weed Society of Queensland.

In her role, Ms Rains will encourage continued coordinated action to manage weeds and pest animals through the cooperation of  land and water managers, landcare groups and volunteers.

A key function of NRM groups, including NQ Dry Tropics, is to advance a range of solutions for the control of established pest animals and weeds.

Ms Rains is also part of the organising committee for the Pest, Animal and Weed Symposium (PAWS) which will be held 28-31 August in Dalby. Invasive Species Queensland will also host the biennial Australasian Weeds Conference in August next year. 

For the past seven years, she has project managed a wide range of projects to protect and restore endangered beach scrubs and coastal vine thickets in areas between Crystal Creek, north of Townsville, to Bowen. This includes managing Weeds of National Significance such as lantana, prickly pear and rubbervine.