Latest Burdekin NRM Plan Status Report launched at Cromarty

The Burdekin Dry Tropics Region Natural Resource Management Plan Status Report 2022 is now available. It provides a regional overview of natural resource management. 

The Status Report is derived from the Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Plan and was developed in conjunction with a multi-sector Advisory Panel. It provides an overview of the status of natural resource management in the region, reflecting the achievements and challenges.

To mark its release, members of the Advisory Panel, comprising scientists, farmers, Traditional Owners, government staff and representatives from landcare and agricultural industry groups, attended a field trip to Wongaloo Conservation Park in April, organised by NQ Dry Tropics.

Wongaloo, adjacent to the internationally-recognised wetlands at Bowling Green Bay, is managed by the Wetlands And Grasslands Foundation.

Foundation co-founder and Executive Director, Mark Stoneman AM, presented to the Panel on the various methods used to manage and maintain the park.

The Panel also learned about NQ Dry Tropics’ Cultural Fire Management for Grazing Landscapes project, being delivered in partnership with WWF-Australia and the Firesticks Alliance.

Bev Jobs, Townsville Yellow Crazy Ant Taskforce Coordinator gave an informative presentation on yellow crazy ant infestations and control in Townsville.

Click here for a copy of the report, and to read stories about activities taking place across the region to sustainably manage land, water, soil, plants and animals.

The NRM Plan and Status Report are funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Cromarty Wetlands was the location for the the release of the NRM Plan Status Report.

Environmental Consultant and Scientist Dr Greg Calvert, (left with )NQ Dry Tropics MERI Coordinator Dr Jules Funnell and Burdekin Canegrowers’ Greg Watson.

C20 Consulting principal Jane Waterhouse (left) with Bronwyn Bignoux from the Townsville City Council.

Juru Traditional Owner Jim Gaston.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Dr Niall Connolly with NQ Dry Tropics Manager — Strategy and Partnerships Donna Turner.

Bindal Traditional Owner Leah Saltner, with Mark Stoneman of the Wetlands and Grasslands Foundation.