Resources for the BBB land manager

Rapid Assessment of Soil Health

RASH Manual

A manual written by soils guru David Hardwick to guide land managers through a Rapid Assessment of their Soil Health. Available as an online publication, or download as a PDF and print it out. Click on the front cover to load it.

Watch the videos to understand how to use the manual to best effect.

RASH video #1

RASH video #4

RASH video #7

RASH video #2

RASH video #5

RASH video #3

RASH video #6

Water Quality Monitoring results

Farm Financials

1. Forced sales: How much do you know?

5. Capital Gains Tax considerations – tax strategies (part II)

2. Farm Management Deposits a useful tool if used well

6. Working capital – integration from paddock to profits

3. Help is available in times of disaster

7. The primary producer – advisor relationship

4. Tax strategies (part I)

Constructing whoa boys

Constructing whoa boys

Darryl Hill interview