Work at Mt Wickham showing the rock chute which was tested by heavy rain just two weeks after work was completed on the site

Mt Wickham remediation work

passes first test with flying colours


Great news – the rain poured down and remediation work on a large-scale gully at Mt Wickham held up!

A total of 33.6mm of rain fell across the treatment site, and 44.6mm over the control site on 22 November.

The Mt Wickham large-scale gully remediation site held up well considering works were completed only two weeks prior the storm. A degree of erosion is anticipated until the gypsum is fully activated and vegetation is re-established.

Minor repair work will be conducted in the coming weeks including repairing hay check structures and mulching.  The good news is it’s expected that the seed that has been spread across the site will germinate.

Phase one included the construction of a rock shute, land forming areas, soil remediation and catchment repair works were carried out by local contractors.  Phase two of Mt Wickham will be outlined early next year.

Here is more information on why Mt Wickham was chosen as a demonstration site.