Honing our skills

Our grazing team has taken part in Land Condition Assessment Tool (LCAT) training with Rob Hassett, of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

NQ Dry Tropics works hard to help deliver better outcomes for landholders in the Burdekin region involved in projects aimed at improving land condition, productivity and water quality.

Rob Hassett, DAF, explains how to measure groundcover. Listening attentively are NQ Dry Tropics’ field staff Brittany Butler and Brad Martin.

Tristan Gibson, left, and Angus Hogg.

Smoko break. Pictured, from left, are: Neil Cupples, Brittany Butler and Ashleigh Kilgannon.

Joe O’Reagain, left, and host for the day Chris Poole.

All ears… NQ Dry Tropics field staff at the LCAT Training Day.

In his element… Brad Martin learning to conduct an LCAT.

Rob Hassett, DAF, guides NQ Dry Tropics field staff Joe O’Reagain and Bernie Claussen as they use the LCAT app.

Bernie Claussen and Jade Fraser.

Tristan Gibson and Cameron Sims.