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THE LDC team has put together a suite of training opportunities that could be useful for graziers in the BBB.

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If you’re interested in a particular area of training and it doesn’t appear here, please contact the Bowen-based LDC team.

Big year of training on offer from the LDC

As part of an integrated program the LDC team in conjunction with project partners RCS and DAF is delivering a series of workshops and supported activities throughout 2019.

These will be aimed at improving the amount and quality of information readily available to landholders; our intent is that by providing this data to producers we can increase the quality of decisions being made on-ground and, in turn, help properties increase farm productivity and profit while also improving the environment.

This program kicks off with a Taking Stock – Managing Pastures and Productivity day to be held on 21 March at Weetalaba Campdraft Grounds.

This is a free event to all producers and will host speakers from RCS, DAF and industry. Attendees will hear about “what to measure, and why” from forage production to animal performance, ways to boost your pastures performance (new varieties and rejuvenation techniques) and what this all means for the bottom line.

Launched on the day will also be an opportunity for any producers within the BBB Catchment to undertake:

  • Forage Budgeting – Measure the feed supply for the coming dry. The LDC team and partners will undertake property or paddock assessments.
  • Photo Monitoring Sites – Record and monitor visual changes. The LDC team and partners will install sites and record this data.
  • Assessing pasture diet quality with Faecel Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) testing
  • Soils testing and analysis – have a professional test and provide a detailed soils analysis for your paddock or property.

These options are available free of charge. We do encourage properties to be actively involved in the data collection process. Once collected, all information will be presented back exclusively to the landholder only.

Data will not be shared unless approval to do so is given by landholders.

In mid-May, the focus will turn to Herd Performance and Productivity.

Producers will be encouraged to attend workshops and industry training days focused on breeder efficiency, herd modelling, selling strategies and much more.

As part of this, the LDC team will offer producers within the BBB catchment a unique opportunity:

  • Catchment-wide preg-testing. What better option than to measure your breeding herd’s performance?  Conducted by recognised practitioners any property within the BBB will be encouraged to participate. The first 500 cows will be free of charge.

Conditions will apply and participants will also be required to undertake a Herd Management Plan with an approved consultant of their choosing.

By Senior Grazing Support Officer Brendan Smith

BBB Grazier Support – Integrated delivery for 2019

Supporting a culture of stewardship that enables land managers to be effective custodians of the land



Feb – Dec

Mapping workshops and one-one-one training continues to roll out across the BBB (eg Phoenix and Farm 4D).

Mar – Dec

Soil testing across the BBB,  supported by DAF.

Jun – Dec

Whole of property planning training workshops and one-on-one training to roll out across the BBB, supported by LDC partners.






21 Mar

Taking Stock – Managing Pastures and Productivity Day at Weetalaba Campdraft Grounds.


Forage budgets to roll out across the BBB, supported by RCS and DAF. Includes photo monitoring sites.











Assessing pasture diet quality with Faecel Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) testing.


Herd Performance and Productivity workshop.


Two Breeder Management Days with Dr Ian Braithwaite.


Preg-testing to roll out across the BBB.


Herd growth modelling to roll out across the BBB.



21 Mar

Taking Stock – Pastures and Productivity day at Weetalaba (finance component).


Herd Performance and Productivity workshop (finance component).


Finance workshops (various topics).









Workshops focused on managing and understanding people, behaviours and communications.

Opportunity for graziers to undertake a personal development and leadership program supported by LDC’s Governance and Delivery program from April.







The LDC project has engaged with 75 per cent of graziers in the BBB catchment.