Major Integrated Projects will be blueprints

The Queensland Government is rolling out two large scale reef water quality projects that will become blueprints for improving water quality flowing into the Great Barrier Reef.

The Major Integrated Projects (MIPs) initiative has been developed by NQ Dry Tropics in the Burdekin and Terrain NRM in the Wet Tropics with funding of $33 million through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program.

The Burdekin MIP has been renamed locally the Landholders Driving Change project.

Click here to read the Queensland Government media release announcing the two MIPs.

Under the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan, water quality targets have been set for each catchment that drains to the Great Barrier Reef.

These targets consider land use and pollutant loads from each catchment.

Click here to read the Burdekin catchment water quality targets.

Improving water quality, reduced fertiliser use, promoting landscape repair and preventing sediment runoff is crucial to improving the reef’s resilience.

Farming best practices can deliver.

Farmers need to be supported and encouraged in transitioning to best practice approaches, and ongoing education and practical advice about on-ground action is key in supporting the future health of the reef.