LDC will fund a second washdown facility

LDC has committed to fund a second washdown facility in the BBB. If approved, it will be developed in partnership with the Whitsunday Regional Council.

The Whitsunday Regional Council’s (WRC) Collinsville refuse station has been proposed as a suitable site for a second washdown facility to be constructed in the BBB.

WRC has approved a permit to construct, and LDC is now waiting for final approval by council.

The facility will be developed and maintained by WRC. 

The LDC project is committed to enabling the long-term protection of agricultural land, which includes minimising the spread of weed seeds. The facility will service the agricultural sector, utilities, and the public.

LDC, in partnership with WRC funded the BBB’s first community washdown facility, at Darby Munro Park, Davidson Road, Collinsville.