One of the helicopters carrying UNESCO visitors touches down at Glen Bowen Station. The McCormack family waits in the shade of a nearby tree to greet them.

Delegates standing on a gully control site, remediation works can be seen on the right.

Landscape Remediation Officer Dan Hazelman explains the technical considerations made when designing a solution for an actively eroding gully.

NQ Dry Tropics MERI Officer Marc McConnell (left) and Landscape Remediation Officer Dan Hazelman enjoying the flight. 

A view enroute to the BBB.

UNESCO visits
the BBB

NQ Dry Tropics hosted the United Nations monitoring mission when it toured North Queensland in March. So much has been achieved by graziers in the LDC project, it was a no-brainer to take the delegates on a trip through the BBB catchment.

The Australian Government asked us to show what’s being achieved ‘on-ground’ to improve the quality of water flowing from the land to the sea into the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lagoon.

The two overseas experts got to see first-hand a range of large-scale and small-scale landscape gully remediation projects delivered by LDC. They heard about the land management practices, including grazing management, that have been implemented.

The delegation had the opportunity to speak with graziers who completed gully works on their property.

They also heard about the work being undertaken by the LDC Community Water Quality Monitoring Group to better understand the water quality variations throughout the catchment.

Greening Australia (GA) also facilitated a trip to one of its gully remediation sites.

It was a great day and NQ Dry Tropics was proud to showcase landholders’ and land managers’ efforts to improve water quality.

This information booklet (right) was produced for the monitoring mission delegates.

NQ Dry Tropics CEO Dr Scott Crawford explains the work that was done on-ground at a site during the UNESCO tour of the BBB.

A view of one of the remediated gully sites on Glen Bowen, the green patch pictured near the centre of the photo.

A taste of Australia… lunch at the Bowen River Hotel.

A fantastic view of the Burdekin River as the delegates headed out from Townsville to the BBB.