Here’s an opportunity to trial something new

WANT to trial something on your property?  Up to $40,000 per enterprise is available to help make your business more resilient while improving the quality of water leaving your property.

Are you a land manager who lives in the BBB catchment? Have you wanted to trial something on your property for a while but never had the money?

The New Incentives Grant may just be the grant to help build resilience into your business while improving water quality outcomes, production and the knowledge and skills of people working in the enterprise.

This grant is being delivered through the LDC Exploring New Incentives Activity Area.

When you apply, please state reasons why your project should be funded, including long-term benefits.

Interested land managers can indicate their interest in a grant through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

The New Incentives Grant will not fund works that are currently being funded through existing grants programs.

Next Steps:

  • Decide what your project is, for example composting, water telemetry, equipment appropriate for land restoration.
  • Identify how it aligns with the selection criteria.
  • Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form below.  Contact the LDC team for assistance if required.
  • Submit your EOI to the LDC team who will contact you to arrange a time to develop the project to contract stage.
  • Project will be submitted to the assessment panel for approval.
  • Sign contract and submit.

For more information contact Lisa Hutchinson   or M:  0427 594 192.