GRASS program aimed at improving ground cover




  • More than 70 GRASS plans delivered throughout the Burdekin region by NQ Dry Tropics.
  • 88 on-ground remediation projects contracted
  • Estimated reduction of 86,505t of fine sediment within the broader Burdekin catchment 
  • High level of voluntary engagement and
    co-investment from graziers

An apparently irredeemable patch of scalded ground has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a new fence installed with support from the GRASS Program.

Planning to improve areas of poor land condition

The Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions(GRASS) program supports graziers with areas of poor (C) or degraded (D) land condition to develop and implement a tailor-made action plan for land management.

The action plan will provide graziers with the latest tools and information to identify, improve and maintain their land condition with a specific focus to improve ground cover and reduce soil loss from their farm. 

Graziers who have areas of C and D land condition can apply to participate in GRASS and may be eligible to apply for incentive funding for works identified in their action plan for land management. 

Examples of work that may be eligible include small to medium scale gully remediation and riparian and hillslope fencing. 

Support will be provided for graziers to understand their obligations and access support to meet the reef regulations and have the opportunity to be acknowledged as low priority for compliance. 

This program aims to support graziers to improve their productivity while helping protect the reef by reducing soil loss from properties and supporting jobs and services in the cattle grazing sector. 

It is an acknowledged practice change program and has been designed to support graziers in the Burdekin, Fitzroy and Burnett Mary regions. 

The GRASS program is funded through the Queensland Government’s Queensland Reef Water Quality Program and delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Burnett Mary Regional Group, Fitzroy Basin Association and NQ Dry Tropics.

Kirkland Downs graziers Ian Collins and Stacey Kirkwood in the rejuvenated paddock.