Initial site assessment.

Work due to begin on fourth large-scale gully

Work is expected to start soon on LDC’s fourth large-scale gully remediation site.

It’s on Strathmore Station near the Bowen River rodeo grounds, 1.3km from the Bowen River bridge.

Site investigations and design plans will progress during the next couple of months with construction expected to start in September. 

Discussions are also being held with landholders about the management of the site and how to best return it into usable pastoral land. 

The location was selected by the Griffith University project team as a high-value site to reduce fine sediments entering to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Remediation will focus on a number of the highly-active gullies on a small right-hand tributary to Red Hill Creek, which joins Red Hill Creek about 2km upstream from the confluence of the creek and Bowen River. 

Initial investigations showed the gullies had eroded to bedrock at their base, but there was still a significant amount of sediment eroding horizontally. 

Remediation has previously been attempted in the area with some improvements to the sediment yield. 

With support from the LDC project, these efforts can be improved by implementing effective solutions that have been tried and tested on other LDC remediation sites.

Local designers and contractors will be involved as they have in other LDC landscape remediation projects.