Soil the key to grazing production

Effective management of soils and pastures is fundamental to the productivity of the agricultural industry and the health of the environment.

Soil health and pasture quality affect grazing production, vegetative cover and the quality of water run-off into watercourses.

A important component of the BBB Grazing Support program is to extend landholder knowledge, understanding and application of good soil health management techniques.

A healthy soil improves productivity and the bottom line for producers, as well as providing long term benefits for the grazing landscape.

Graziers wanting more information about how to improve their soils’ biological and overall health can contact NQ Dry Tropics’ LDC team: Rodger Walker  (0408 828 276); Brendan Smith  (0417 408 587); Adrienne Hall (0428 158 859); Matthew Miles (0401 552 992) or Lisa Hutchinson (0427 594 192).

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