Building skills and knowledge

Get involved and enjoy the benefits

Getting involved in the LDC project opens doors to access technical experts and a wide range of knowledge and skills-building workshops and training sessions.

Improving the BBB community’s access to knowledge and skills to help them implement practice change improvements is a key objective of the LDC project.

An integrated grazing extension program continues to roll out in 2021 to support a culture of stewardship enabling land managers to be effective custodians of the land. 

There is a strong focus on peer-to-peer learning, cluster groups, demonstration sites and focus group activity to deliver accelerated progress in increasing stewardship and improving the viability of the BBB grazing community.

The broad mix of actions and activities available include:

  • Forage budgeting.
  • Pasture management and productivity.
  • Herd management.
  • Livestock nutrition.
  • Soil testing and soil health.
  • Farm track maintenance.
  • Property mapping.
  • Weed and feral animal management.
  • Succession planning.
  • Landholders sub catchment and cluster group meetings and workshops.
  • Machinery hygiene.

Knowledge and skills-building workshops or one-on-one sessions with technical experts can be organised for these activities.

If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to learn more about a topic that isn’t listed here, please contact one of the LDC team members.