Practical, powerful knowledge

  • 23-25 October
  • Collinsville Community Centre
  • Contact: Rodger Walker (

This power-packed two and a half day clinic will have you walking away with the confidence and practical know-how to go home and begin implementing.
Practical knowledge – get the latest on cheap fencing, property layout, water design and moving stock.  Understand how to assess rest period and calculate graze period, while accurately matching stocking rate to carrying capacity.  See and learn the decision making processes in the paddock.
Control your grazing outcomes – through the practical application of the principles, active use of the grazing chart, good use of the planning tools and good property design for this century.
Refresh the basics – through understanding the six essential grazing management principles. Develop the skills to monitor and record changes, understand how to adapt to seasonal and climate variability, and develop strategies for profitable property planning and overall improved grazing management.
The course has a complete focus on implementation, and deals with the ‘real life stuff’ that actually counts when it comes to getting the most out of your land, livestock and business.
NQ Dry Tropics values the tangible support offered by Glencore as a corporate contribution to the BBB community.  Glencore is covering the cost to graziers within the BBB to attend this course.

Lifetime of achievement

RCS Director, Terry McCosker has worked in research, extension and property management in government and private sectors for 45 years.
Terry co-founded RCS more than 25 years ago and has set the benchmark for capacity-building in rural and regional Australia.
He is responsible for the introduction of the Grazing for Profit School into Australia and has changed grazing, livestock and business management nationally.
Terry has chaired the Australian Beef Expo, sat on numerous advisory committees and has been nominated for many awards.

Terry McCosker