Assistance program

If your property was affected by the 2018 Central Queensland bushfires, you may be eligible for assistance under the Rural Residential Recovery Program. 

This program is being delivered by Australian Red Cross, and is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland governments. 

For further details on eligibility requirements and how to apply, refer to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority website, click here.

Landcare group to help Eungella recover from rainforest fire

LDC has enlisted the expertise of Pioneer Catchment & Landcare to work with the Eungella Rainforest Recovery Cluster group. The group is keen to put in place management plans to ensure their properties recover from last year’s bushfires and are protected from future threats.

About 110,000 hectares of national park and surrounds were destroyed by bushfire at Eungella in December last year.

Parts of the rainforest were literally reduced to cinders. Experts believe the subtropical rainforest will recover, but it could take decades. 

Pioneer Catchment and Landcare’s project officers, Peter Alden and Kade Slater have been busy conducting property visits for the Eungella Rainforest Recovery Cluster group. 

Landholders impacted by the bushfires are keen to address several issues:

  • how to correctly identify the difference between native regrowth and unwanted weeds within burnt forest;
  • how to implement best management practices to tackle weeds;
  • what are the do’s and don’ts of clearing burnt vegetation; and 
  • how to tackle erosion issues in areas impacted by fire.

A Eungella Rainforest Recovery Cluster Group landholder field day is being held on Thursday, 5 December to discuss these issues. Guest speakers will be available to answer landholder questions.

The Field Day will be conducted in three parts – an afternooon session starting at the Sky Window (2:30pm), an evening session at the Broken River Mountain Resort conference room (5.30pm) followed by dinner starting at 6.45pm.

If you have not been contacted yet regarding participation in the Eungella Rainforest Recovery Cluster Group and would like to get involved, please contact Kade Slater at Pioneer Catchment and Landcare Group