Meghan Blackburn, OGBR with graziers Bob Harris, Glencoe Station (left), and Bristow Hughes, Strathalbyn Station, during the round table discussions.

Josie Angus, Kimberley Station, and Peter Andersen, Glenlea Downs.

Donna Turner, NQ Dry Tropics makes a point while Elisa Nichols, DES, (left) and Rae Schlecht, DES listen in.

Susan Vail, Salisbury Plains, (left) with Elisa Nichols, Department of Environment and Science (DES).

Bristow Hughes, Strathalbyn Station (left) and Peter Webley, DNRME brainstorm on butcher’s paper.

Jessie Norman, Mt Aberdeen Station (left), and Meghan Blackburn, OGBR.

Policy engagement round table meeting

LDC has held a round table to coordinate engagement between landholders and government decision makers on relevant policy and regulatory issues that could impact landholders in the BBB catchment.

The round table was held in Townsville last week.

The aim of LDC’s Policy Engagement Activity Area is to facilitate better landholder engagement in relevant policy development and implementation in the BBB catchments.  This engagement is absolutely necessary because it provides landholders with the information they need to participate in a meaningful way and helps government understand their concerns.

The round table, held at Quest on Eyre in Townsville on 20 February, brought together representatives from NQ Dry Tropics, Department of Environment and Science, Office of Great Barrier Reef, Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy – including directors from the relevant departments (vegetation, reef, water and protected plants), and graziers.  Julia Telford, of Engage and Create Consulting, facilitated the day.

It provided the platform to explore opportunities to influence existing and future regulations to better support water quality outcomes, and to discuss the intent of existing and proposed regulations and the impact of these regulations on grazing operations.  

Workshop outcomes:

  • Identified relevant departments impacting farming
  • Identified principles for future policy engagement opportunities through community forums
  • Identified processes to improve communications, ‘awareness raising’ around policy and legislation
  • Documented actions for current and proposed policy and legislation across relevant departments
  • Identified opportunities to better inform landholders on upcoming policy changes or new policy

This is the first of several planned round tables to be held in 2019.

Peter Andersen, of Glenlea Downs, with Jane Jamieson, DNRME (left) and Alex Brown, DES.

Elisa Nichols, DES (left), and Josie Angus, Kimberley Station.

Andrew Yates, NQ Dry Tropics LDC speaking to (from left), Susan Vail, Salisbury Plains Station, Lisa Hutchinson, NQ Dry Tropics LDC, Jessie Norman, Mt Aberdeen Station, and Kerry Hammett, DNRME.

 NQ Dry Tropics LDC Senior Project Officer Lisa Hutchinson is flanked by Bob Harris, Glencoe Station, (left), and Peter Webley, DNRME.