University of Queensland’s Rob Dixon talks about the importance of phosphorus in cattle.

Roxanne Morgan, DAF with Reedy Creek grazier Chris Goodie

Important to get your P right

PHOSPHORUS is one of the most important nutritional deficiencies in grazing beef cattle in northern Australia.

LDC hosted nutrition experts from DAF and University of Queensland to help graziers to manage phosphorus nutrition on their properties.

A workshop held in Collinsville at the end of November was hosted by three of the best in the business:

  • Rob Dixon, ruminant nutritionist, University of Queensland.
  • Mick Sullivan, beef extension officer, DAF.
  • Jim Fletcher, beef extension officer, DAF.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying phosphorus deficient country.
  • How to diagnose P deficiency including identifying symptoms of P deficiency.
  • P deficiency in breeders and growing steers.
  • When to supplement with P.
  • Supplementing phosphorus in the most economical way.
  • Developing and implementing a P management plan.

Watch this webinar, produced by Future Beef, of Rob Dixon explaining how to identify and evaluate phosphorous deficiency in grazing cattle. 

Mick Sullivan DAF presented at the workshop.

DAF presenter Jim Fletcher (centre) with Mick Shannon, (left) and Shane Jameson.