Knowledge is power in the paddock

A suite of workshops aimed at improving knowledge and skills of landholders is currently being developed for 2021-2023.  One was in March.

These workshops will allow landholders to gain access to technical and specialist support and information to help them make informed decisions that will increase farm productivity and profit while also improving the landscape.

The first workshop, focused on expanding pasture identification knowledge was held at Mt Pleasant Learning Hub at the end of March. The workshop was aimed at improving knowledge of pasture plants and plant indicators of rangeland condition.

The workshop covered how to identify native pasture species under cattle grazing (herbs, grasses and shrubs); how to take samples and photos for further identification; and the relationship between different soil types and plant species.

Testing knowledge: A wide range of grasses (pictured, right) were put on display for landholders to have a go at identifying as many as they could.

Some of the participants at the Mt Pleasant Pasture Species Identification field day. Pictured from left, are: NQ Dry Tropics’ Linda Anderson, guest speaker ecologist and botanist Dr Greg Calvert, Mt Pleasant landholder Jamie Gordon, NQ Dry Tropics’ Adrienne Hall, Joan Gordon, Mt Pleasant landholder Garlone Moulin, NQ Dry Tropics’ Brad Martin, Sheridan Callcott, Mark O’Connor, Joe O’Reagain, and Liam Tapiolas, of Tondara.
Host and guest speaker Jamie Gordon leads the group on a pasture species identification walk.
Field day hosts Jamie Gordon and Garlone Moulin displayed a wide range of grasses that grow on their property including pictured, Sorghum Plumosum.
Pictured from left, Joan Gordon, Dr Greg Calvert, Garry Reed, Mark O’Connor and (obscured at back) Sharon Yentsch.