Track down those old photographs to help the Telecentre grow its historical collection

LDC has teamed up with Collinsville Connect Telecentre to hunt down photos of yesteryear that have been snapped on properties around Collinsville and Bowen. Your submission will help grow the Telecentre’s photographic archive.

You can submit your old photos via the LDC website. As you submit each photo, you will be asked to type in a short paragraph explaining what the photograph is about: when, where and of whom it was taken, for instance.

Your submission will help grow the Collinsville Connect Telecentre’s photographic archive. The archive is home to more than 12,000 images, if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking a look.

There are two online collections: Collinsville Memoirs Online and Our Stories Unearthed.

The Our Stories Unearthed will soon supercede Collinsville Memoirs Online. This collection is being moved to Our Stories Unearthed. 

The friendly team at Collinsville Connect Telecentre is also willing to help you upload your photos. Take your photos into the Telecentre and the team will scan and submit the photos on your behalf.

So, fossick in drawers, albums, hard drives and shoeboxes for old photographs of your relatives, modes of transport or technology, domestic scenes, places of work, or play, and jump onto our website and submit them online here.