• Nutrition workshop
  • 15 November
  • Collinsville

To register, phone Adrienne Hall on 0428 158 859 or email adrienne.hall@nqdrytropics.com.au.

Dry pastures can leave graziers with low protein, stubble and roughage to get stock through summer, so supplementation could play a vital role.

Wade Agriculture Consultants principal Jim Wade will guide land managers on how best to minimise the risk of drought and maximise opportunities during good seasons.

It’s about balancing how much grazing occurs and how much time is allowed for recovery of the grazed pastures, and knowing what feed additives to provide livestock, including custom supplement mixes for optimum performance dependent on the season.

Jim will cover a broad range of topics including how to balance breeder numbers to increase production, and the benefits of creep feeding, which allows calves unrestricted access to additional feed while they are still suckling.

Other topics include balancing protein, trace elements and energy, improving feed quality, the benefits of soil, plant tissue and water analysis, and supplementation for pasture management.

Jim is also working with LDC’s Normanby Road Cluster Group.  Read all about it here.

LDC Project Manager Lisa Hutchinson with Wade Agriculture Consultants principal Jim Wade.