Make informed decisions about dry season stock supplements

Dry pastures can leave graziers with low protein, stubble and roughage to get stock through summer, so supplementation can play a vital role. 

Using grass, soil and water testing, graziers can make more informed decisions for supplementation programs.  A Jim Wade workshop can help graziers:

  • relate testing results to animal performance & production; 
  • use supplementation as an adjunct to grass and grazing management;
  • balance diet quality for improved performance; 
  • balance protein, trace elements and energy for animal classes; and 
  • assess the financial impact of supplementation programs.

Jim is working with LDC’s Normanby Road cluster group to determine how best to provide cattle with a balanced diet all year round.

 Diagnostic tests of plant tissue, soil and water from each property, is helping graziers understand the science behind how best to provide their herd a balanced diet to optimise feed efficiency, weight gain and production outcomes. 

Click here for more information about what the Normanby Road cluster group is achieving.

Contact Adrienne Hall on 0428 158 859. 

Peer groups have an important role

An important component of the LDC project is to foster peer groups that are self-directed and supported by extension staff, to help deliver skills and knowledge.

Cluster groups of neighbouring properties consider landscape remediation and other land management goals through a cooperative effort, and share resources across boundary activity.

Supporting graziers this way aligns with the LDC project’s vision: “Empowering communities in the Bowen and Collinsville region to manage healthy and productive landscapes”.

Jim Wade with LDC Manager Lisa Hutchinson