Everybody has to have a hand in weed control

WEEDS don’t recognise property boundaries.

LDC hosted an ‘Inspect and clean machinery for plant animal and soil material’ (accredited training) workshop for local contractors in Collinsville in February.

Preventing weed spread is everybody’s business.

It is the most successful and cost-effective type of weed management because once a weed has become established, high costs can often make eradication impossible. 

The 12 workshop participants learned about biosecurity, government legislation, and how to clean and inspect vehicles and machinery for plant materials.

The goal of the workshop was to:

  • increase awareness of biosecurity and build capacity in the BBB catchment to effectively manage the spread of weeds;
  • learn how to clean and inspect vehicles and machinery for plant materials;
  • understand government legislation and requirements; and
  • increase awareness of biosecurity threats and impacts on businesses.

The training was delivered by Belinda Callanan, of TH9 Outdoor Services.

The company has extensive experience in the catchment conducting weed surveys and monitoring.

The workshop was organised through the LDC Influencing Other Land Managers activity area, to engage with land managers outside of the grazing community to ensure everyone who works in the BBB is working towards the same standard of practice to keep vehicles, machinery and plant clean.

Weed hygiene workshops have also been held for graziers.