The Landholders Driving Change Project Panel meeting in July at the Bowen River Hotel.

LDC looking for new faces on the Project Panel

The LDC project is looking for two more landholder representatives on its project panel to provide strategic and management oversight.

Nominations close on 31 October.  The two new landholder panel members will start in mid-November.  

One vacancy is for a grazier who lives in the Bowen, Broken Bogie (BBB) catchment near Bowen and Collinsville. 

The second vacancy is for a person who is responsible for the management of a parcel of land in the BBB catchment. This representative would ideally be involved with a mining company, utility service provider, Traditional Owner group or a government department such as Department of Transport and Main Roads, or National Parks.

It is expected that nominees are committed to long-term sustainable land management, and also committed to attending bi-monthly meetings, LDC events and activities (on a rostered basis) and attend professional development where appropriate. Meetings are rotated between Bowen, Collinsville and Townsville.

To nominate, email your nomination and reasons for nominating, to the project panel secretariat Tanya Magor at

Please ensure contact details are included.

In the first instance to discuss, please contact LDC Project Manager Lisa Hutchinson on 0427 594 192 or email at

For further information, contact LDC Project Director and NQ Dry Tropics CEO Scott Crawford on 4799 3506 or email at

Project panel terms of reference will be supplied upon request.

The Landholders Driving Change project

Project background

The priority of the Burdekin Major Integrated Project (BMIP) is to deliver enduring and sustainable land management within the communities of the Bowen, Broken and Bogie (BBB) catchment.

In turn, this will help improve the productivity of grazing enterprises, reduce the loss of sediment and particulate nutrients, and decrease the impacts on important wetlands, coastal aquatic habitats and ecosystems, and the Great Barrier Reef.

The BMIP, renamed locally as Landholders Driving Change (LDC), represents a unique way of addressing land and water quality issues in a Great Barrier Reef catchment.

As the project title suggests, NQ Dry Tropics and our consortium members have taken a ‘from the ground up’ approach to program design and have involved landholders from the very start of the process.

Click here to learn more about the LDC project.

BBB landholder representatives

The project panel is made up of representatives that include landholders, NQ Dry Tropics, scientists and technical experts, local government and the Queensland Government.

Landholder representation is important for strategic and management oversight of the project, particularly the BBB Grazier Support activity area – to maintain community ownership and a focus on locally relevant and practical program delivery, but also to provide critical input to all other activity areas.

According to the project panel’s Terms of Reference, landholders must make up at least 50 per cent of the project panel. Project panel meetings are scheduled every month and are rotated between Bowen, Collinsville and Townsville.

Project panel members not employed by the Queensland Government, NQ Dry Tropics or who are contracted to the LDC project or related projects, are recompensed for time and travel.

Role of the project panel

While formal accountability for delivery of the LDC project rests with NQ Dry Tropics, the project panel provides a steering function, within an agreed Terms of Reference that defines the membership, scope, role and operating rules of the panel.

The role of the panel includes:

  • reviewing key LDC project strategy documents and oversight of their implementation;
  • reviewing annual work plans and progress reports;
  • guiding and advising on communications activities; and
  • identifying and facilitating links, projects, research, policies and programs relevant to successful delivery of the project.

Project panel members inspect gully remediation works at Mt Wickham.