Five rock chutes have been constructed in the treatment gully as part of phase two of the Mt Wickham gully remediation project. The chutes have been designed to intercept flows and reduce flow rate.

Phase two Mt Wickham work complete

GULLY remediation phase two at Mt Wickham has been completed. The work consisted of a series of rock chutes in the main gully and the side gullies.

The principal aim of Mt Wickham phase two works was the same as phase one, to undertake groundworks to reduce erosion, establish vigorous vegetation and reduce the export of coarse and fine sediment.

Phase two consists of a series of rock chutes in both the main gully and the side gullies consisting of 1500 tonnes of rock. 

Bulk earthworks has been undertaken on four gullies to reform soil into a continuous slope which has been compacted and stabilised. 

The design includes extensive amelioration works with gypsum application varying across the site depending on the existing condition of the soil. 

Prior to the start of the earthworks, available topsoil  was stockpiled and used in the revegetation process. The revegetation design included using mill mud.

Mt Wickham is being monitored and evaluated using a range of practices to measure vegetation, runoff and water quality.  

As it was for phase one, phase two was a Verterra-Aulluvium Unicorporated joint venture.

More information on Mt Wickham is available here.