Register for the leadership program

REGISTRATION is now open for the Landholders Driving Change Leadership program.  It has been developed specifically for graziers in the Bowen and Collinsville region.

Spearheaded by LDC project manager Lisa Hutchinson, the aim of the program is to provide members of the Bowen Broken Bogie (BBB) catchment grazing community a structured and supportive pathway for personal and professional development.

This program promotes leadership development in a rural context, developing leaders who understand what it takes to lead in a regional environment.

It supports young people wanting to grow their skills as well as established leaders wanting new ways to engage with their community.

The program consists of four two-day workshops delivered by some of Australia’s leading trainers and facilitators. Thirteen graziers completed the program in 2019.

If you are interested in taking part in the program contact Lisa Hutchinson on 0427 594 192.

The Leadership Program expects to enhance the leadership capacity of people in the BBB catchment by:

  • Enabling individuals to make a difference and enhance their contribution to community – participants will be coached to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding on emotional intelligence, teamwork and community governance.
  • Promoting community conversations about issues affecting the BBB grazing community by equipping individuals with the necessary expertise in critical areas so they can be effective and confident leaders.
  • Developing and strengthening regional community leadership networks as participants learn to engage with colleagues and peers, develop a deeper understanding of diversity and the value of diverse opinions, a capacity to investigate and adopt new methods and practices, an ability to transfer relevant information and to deal with challenging situations.
  • The Leadership program will become a flagship program in the NQ Dry Tropics’ Landholders Driving Change project.