Last Chance projects rolling out

NINE projects have been approved under the last round of grants offered by the LDC project to help graziers implement changes to better manage their land and businesses.

With LDC scheduled to finish in 2021, a final call for project proposals by BBB landholders was made in early May.

Nine proposals were successful and these projects are now rolling out. Approved projects include fencing, piping and troughing, small gully remediation and whoa boy construction activities. 

Projects received financial support in the range of $5000 to $25,000 and are due to be completed at the end of November. 

The program is part of LDC’s  BBB Grazier Support activity area. 

With the current coronavirus situation and a limited pool of available funds, the call was different to previous approaches. The application process was competitive, with project proposals ranked highest to lowest based on assessment criteria.

Key criteria included:

  •  ‘Value for money’ – the more cash, materials and in-kind you put in, the greater the outcomes, the better chance of the application being successful; and 
  • ‘Water quality’ – clearly demonstrate how land condition and the water quality leaving the property will be improved.

Applications were assessed by a panel consisting of a grazier (from outside of the BBB region), and NRM and government representatives.

High-tech watering point positioned at the intersection of four paddocks used in a rotational grazing regime.

Darryl Hill constructing an erosion control bank (whoa boy).