LDC has a laser level
available to borrow

THE LDC project now has a state-of-the-art laser level to help landholders plan and design surface water management structures.
Managing the flow of water is integral to minimising erosion and enhancing grazing land management, and the laser level will help achieve that.
The LDC laser – available to landholders throughout the BBB – is an Extreme A3 Mk II Rotary model.
The manufacturers claim millimetre accuracy at 30m and it has a range of up to 800m.
It can be operated remotely, recharged from a vehicle cigarette lighter point, and tilted to provide automatic grade control (9 degrees either way).
The level can be used by landholders to help them design fencing, gully rehabilitation work, earthworks and surface water management tools.
The LDC team at the Bowen office also has a dumpy level suitable for basic jobs.
Contact any member of the LDC team (see Page 2) to arrange to borrow either of the levels.