Weed hygiene training

LDC hosted a Weed Hygiene workshop at the Collinsville Scottville Workers Club in March.  Landholders learned about biosecurity, government legislation, and how to clean and inspect vehicles and machinery for plant materials.

Sixteen people, a mix of land managers, landscape remediation earthworks contractors, Ergon contractors and representatives from CSIRO attended.

The goal of the workshop was to:

  • Increase awareness of biosecurity and build capacity in the BBB catchment to effectively manage the spread of weeds
  • Learn how to clean and inspect vehicles and machinery for plant materials
  • Understand government legislation and requirements
  • Increase awareness of biosecurity threats and impacts on businesses

The training was delivered by Belinda Callanan, owner and director of TH9 Outdoor Services, based at Nobby (near Toowoomba).  The company has extensive experience in the catchment conducting weed surveys and monitoring.

Despite rain impacting the demonstration component of the day, the course was a great success with some fantastic discussion shared among the knowledgeable group of attendees.  Everyone brought something different to to the table. Belinda was also able to dispel common myths about ineffective weed hygiene practices.

The workshop at Collinsville