IT DOESN’T TAKE MUCH… down-wearing of 40mm in 12 months at this monitoring point equates to 400m³ of soil across a hectare.

Series of field days to focus on gullies — from go to whoa

Three field days focusing on gullies will be held at Havilah Station during the next 12 months.
The first one — Before The Wet — will be on 14 December.

The idea is to bring landholders in at the beginning so they can see firsthand what is involved in remediating a gully.

NQ Dry Tropics Land Remediation Officer Dan Hazelman said the idea was to hold three field days — Before and After the Wet, and After Remediation — focusing on a large-scale gully at Havilah Station.

Graziers will get hear from engineers and civil contractors and get an appreciation for what’s involved in gully remediation from start to finish, as well as maintenance.

Topics covered will include:

  • identifying and discussing erosion activities and processes that occur in a gully;
  • inspecting and identifying soil layers with basic slaking/dispersion testing;
  • discussing the remediation techniques proposed at the site, their purpose and influence of the erosion process in the future; and
  • establishing monitoring techniques by establishing markers points of ground level, headcuts and other key points to re-inspect following the wet season.

To register your interest contact LDC Landscape Remediation Officer Dan Hazelman by email at


The focus of the three field days: a large-scale gully at Havilah Station.