Five activity areas in the Landholders Driving Change Project

BBB Grazier Support

More than 90 per cent of land in the BBB is used for grazing.
The BBB Grazier Support program aims to support local graziers with education, training, technical support and incentives to help them adopt improved land management practices.

Landscape remediation

Gully erosion causes about 65 per cent of the fine sediment load that comes from the BBB.
The Landscape remediation program aims to develop fast, effective and economical approaches to gully remediation.
Demonstration sites will be established to showcase different methods of treating large-scale features, as well as smaller scale features.

Influencing other land managers

A key aim is to develop a successful model for effectively engaging with non-agricultural land managers that could be used in other catchments.
Although 92 per cent of the land in the BBB is used for grazing, other areas include national parks, state forests and coal mines.
Four local councils operate in the catchment which also features major infrastructure such as power transmission lines, local and main roads, and rail lines.

Exploring new incentives

LDC will work closely with landholders to investigate incentives to reward good practice.  Incentives could include market-based approaches such as grants, concessional loans, insurance mechanisms, stewardship payments, or rate rebates.

Click here to read the Landholders Driving Change: Exploring New Incentives report, commissioned by NQ Dry Tropics, and funded by the Queensland Government, to support the trial and evaluation of new incentive approaches as part of the Landholders Driving Change (LDC) project in the BBB.

Policy engagement

This program aims to support BBB landholders to cut through regulatory red tape that may be preventing them from adopting practice changes.
Aligned with the Exploring New Incentives program, it will work with landholders to identify the most relevant and feasible regulation and policy issues to pursue.
It will also support graziers to comment on regulations during public consultation opportunities and will coordinate engagement between government and landholders on policy and regulatory issues.

LDC has a plan

LDC is tackling erosion, improving land management and improving the quality of water flowing to the Great Barrier Reef from the ground up.

Strong and ongoing local participation is the cornerstone of the project to ensure it is grazier-focused.

The Landholders Driving Change project design summary outlines the proposed actions to be delivered, all of which were developed from initial ideas suggested by local graziers during an intensive engagement process involving the Bowen, Broken, Bogie (BBB) community.