Experts out and about in the BBB

The LDC project would not be possible without the help of its delivery partners and collaborations with other organisations and government agencies.  A number of them were out and about in the BBB in September.

LDC’s partner organisations provide expertise in grazing land management, landholder extension and engagement, water quality science, social science, gully remediation, monitoring and evaluation, and program governance.

Soil sample from Glenbowen, carried out by DAF’s Jim Fletcher.

DAF’s Jim Fletcher conducted soil samples at Glenbowen in September.

Dr Bec Bartley, research scientists CSIRO Land and Water, spoke about water quality monitoring results from the CSIRO monitoring sites in the BBB.

Barry Collett, of Todsure, and John Day, of Emu Ridge.

Glencore’s David Gullo (left) and Whitsunday Regional Council’s Scott Hardy were guest speakers at the LDC Community Bus Tour.

Glenn Dale, of engineeering company Verterra, provided an overview of on-ground works that have been carried out at Mt Wickham.

John Day, of Emu Ridge, Colin Becker, Belmore Downs, and NQ Dry Tropics’ Sheyanne Frisby.

Belmore Downs’ Colin Becker, left, with Emu Ridge technical officer John Day who is providing soil conservation support to the LDC project.

James Allen, in red shirt, of Neilly Group Engineering, was a guest speaker at the LDC Community Bus Tour of the BBB. Neilly Group is the principal delivery partner of the Glenbowen gully remediation works.

John Day collecting soil samples at Todsure.

Jim Lindsay hosted a Low Stress Stockhandling workshop at Strathalbyn.