Wild fire has left a scar on the Eungella landscape that will be evident for many years.

Eungella Rainforest Cluster Group formed

A Eungella Rainforest Cluster Group has been formed to ensure landholders and the wider Eungella community are provided with on-ground and technical resources to help their efforts to improve land and water condition on fire impacted properties.

Many landholders had their remnant rainforest and Wet Eucalypt dominated forest communities completely burnt out.

There is concern within the community that fire sensitive rainforest species are not regenerating and weeds are growing at an unprecedented rate post 2018 fires.

Aims of the project:

  • provide bushfire affected landholders with on-ground support and advice on how to manage their land using best practice during the restoration process; 
  • provide and upskill the wider Eungella community with knowledge, resources and skills to sustainably manage their local environment;
  • provide lead-in examples for future projects; and
  • to encourage knowledge sharing and adoption of practices that address land and water condition risks and improvements post fire.

Pioneer Catchment Landcare is delivering the Eungella Rainforest Cluster Group project as part of the LDC’s BBB Grazier Support activity area.

The project will be completed by June 2020, and community field days will be held to communicate project results. 

NQ Dry Tropics LDC Land Remediation Officer Rodger Walker with Eungella graziers Shanara Paton and Mick Sheehy.