Three-day workshop on Holistic Grazing Planning

  • 18-20 September
  • Collinsville Community Centre
  • Contact: Rod Kerr ( or Brendan Smith (

Eco-graze workshop Holistic Grazing Planning – Increasing pasture and animal productivity:

  • Day 1 – learn about how nature functions holistically, so you can rebuild pasture diversity, ensure positive animal nutrition and solve environmental problems, all with minimal input costs.
  • Day 2 – learn the value of a grazing chart. Use the grazing chart to create a grazing plan for your property that ensures adequate recovery period for plants and maximise fodder production. Learn techniques to quickly and accurately measure feed volumes to enable stocking rates to match feed reserves. To effectively plan for droughts.
  • Day 3 – Continue Grazing planning, learn about effective monitoring techniques to enable you to keep improving your country and your cash flow.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting Animals to the ‘right place at the right time for the right reasons’.
  • Innovative techniques to simultaneously maximise stocking rate and improve land health and productivity.
  • How to use livestock to improve the health of your land and increase profit.
  • How to coordinate three primary land management tools (rest, grazing, animal impact) to grow more pasture.
  • How to maximise the harvest of sunlight by managing stocking rate, time, stock density and herd effect.
  • How to make the best plan for the season ahead.
  • How to meet your grazing and pasture production challenges effectively.


No registration fee for graziers in the BBB.
To register contact Rod Kerr on mobile 0488 943 326 or email

Brian Wehlburg (pictured) is a well regarded Holistic Management educator. Passionate about the environment from an early age, he attended an introductory course in 1995 and was bowled over with the results he obtained through managing holistically.
As a certified Holistic Management educator, Brian has shared his passion and knowledge with many businesses, land managers, families, environmental groups and pastoralists. Brian has trained and consulted in Australia, New Zealand, America and Zimbabwe.
He has hands-on experience in crop farming in Central Africa, working as a pasture and cattle manager in South West Queensland and managing a mixed-species property in New South Wales.
In 2016, Brian provided Holistic Management courses for Bowen, Collinsville and Charters Towers districts graziers and continues to work with many of those graziers.