In the paddock at Mt Pleasant Station are (anti-clockwise, from left): Brett Scott, Jocelyn Gordon, Jamie Gordon, Rod Barrett, Dr Christine Jones, Chantal Donelle and Joan Gordon.

Healthy soil makes for a healthy, productive region

Dr Christine Jones makes a point during a workshop at Woodlands.

Gillian Barbat from Reef Catchments (left) with Salsbury grazier Wendy Barrett.

Dr Christine Jones in the “classroom”.

Bob Harris, left, with Leanne and Barry O’Sullivan and Rod Barrett at a Woodlands workshop.

Bowen and Collinsville graziers have delved deeper into soil and pasture health with one of the best in the business — internationally renowned soil ecologist and founder of Amazing Carbon, Dr Christine Jones.

This year, LDC hosted two soil workshops with the aim of supporting graziers to undertake a wide range of activities to improve land management practices to help maximise pasture cover and reduce sediment runoff into local waterways while improving beef quality and production.

Dr Jones spoke about how a plant species-rich landscape could provide livestock with a healthy diet higher in minerals and amino acids. 

She also explained the science and the biology behind creating healthy soils and pastures, and how grazing systems could be adapted to help regenerate and build soil structure, and boost biological activity.

LDC is helping graziers implement benchmarked grazing practices for improved water quality.

Key to this is offering a wide range of training, educational and knowledge-sharing events to promote practices designed to improve and manage groundcover, improve infiltration of water into the soil, and reduce runoff and erosion.

Dr Christine Jones gets down in the trench to illustrate a point during a workshop at Woodlands.

Grazier Garlone Moulin sharing experiences during a workshop at Mr Pleasant Station.

Looking at the soil beneath the pasture.

National Soil Strategy out

The release of the National Soil Strategy in May this year provides a rallying call for all Australians with an interest in the management of one of our greatest resources – our soil.

Soil health has been a cornerstone of the LDC’s Grazier Support program.

Click here to read more about the National Soil Strategy and here to access LDC’s soil health resources.

NQ Dry Tropics’ Land Remediation Officer Dan Hazelman is flanked by graziers Sharon Yentsch (left) and Joan Gordon.

Grazier Mark Yensch (left) asks a question during an Amazing Carbon workshop at Woodlands. With him is Peter Sabeto.