LDC lodges submission with Agriculture Inquiry

The Landholders Driving Change project has lodged a submission with a Parliamentary House Standing Committee inquiry.  The Agriculture and Water Resources inquiry explores the impact on the agricultural sector of vegetation and land management policies, regulations and restrictions.

The submission was provided on behalf of the landholder representatives from the LDC project, based in the Bowen, Broken Bogie (BBB) sub-catchments of the Burdekin region.  

The LDC aims to concentrate a broad range of complementary interventions and management efforts at a catchment scale, and fully evaluate their effectiveness in reducing nutrient, sediment and pesticide loads into waterways and the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

The LDC project comprises five core activity areas.  One of those activity areas is Policy Engagement. It’s aim is to link landholders and policy makers to facilitate better landholder engagement in relevant policy development and implementation.

We will provide updates about the inquiry through upcoming editions of The Grit.

What the Inquiry is looking into:

The House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources is looking into the impact of land management and vegetation policies on the agricultural sector, with particular regard to:

  • Past and current practices of land and vegetation management by the agricultural sector and regional industries;
  • The science behind activities such as back burning, clearing and rehabilitation;
  • The economic impact of vegetation and land management policies, regulations and restrictions;
  • The impact of severe fires on the agricultural landscape, agricultural production and industry in regional, rural and remote areas;
  • Factors that contribute to fire risk in regional, rural and remote areas; and
  • The role the agricultural sector has in working with emergency services and forestry management officials in managing fire risk.

The Committee is no longer accepting submissions.