LDC’s Sheridan Callcott addresses an attentive crowd of young graziers, the BBB’s “Young Guns”.

Beef industry young guns network in the BBB

A young graziers event held at Strathalbyn Station, near Collinsville, has provided an educational and networking opportunity for those under the age of 40.

Bristow and Ureisha Hughes, of Strathalbyn Station, kindly agreed to host the event. Their 34,000ha beef cattle operation runs 5000 to 6,500 head of breeding stock with Wagyu, Brahman and Red Poll genetics.

Thirty young minds enjoyed the day which included a property tour, guest speakers, and ended with a barbecue.

The beef industry has a continual driving force behind it with the next generation of rural enthusiasts coming through. 

That’s why LDC’s grazing support officer Sheridan Callcott brought together like-minded young graziers to share and learn more about primary production businesses to encourage on-going education for young landholders in the BBB.

The young guns got out in the paddock, inspected cattle, and learned about grazing and land improvements the Hughes family has made in recent years to increase productivity and profitability, while boosting environmental outcomes.

The event was also a great opportunity for the group to learn from two of the best in the industry, Dick Richardson, of Grazing Naturally, and Brian Wehlburg, certified holistic trainer, of Inside Outside Management.

Inside Outside Management principal Brian Wehlburg gets some audience participation going as he talks about landscape changes to the Young Guns field day.

Video insights

Click to listen to what event organiser Sheridan Callcott and host Bristow Hughes had to say about the day.

Click to watch this short video of Dick demonstrating how to assess feed availability using the STAC method. This was one of several methods discussed on the day.

Click to watch this video of Brian providing insights on how and why different environments exist in the landscape, and how grazing can be an effective tool to improve the environment.

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