BBB whoa boys project

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More than 20 BBB properties are involved

MORE than 20 grazing properties are taking part in the whoa boy project that is being rolled out across the BBB catchment.

LDC hosted landcare specialist and plant operator Darryl Hill to deliver erosion control grader training to landholders and local contractors who are now undertaking erosion control works across the catchment.

Never before has a whoa boy project rolled out across the BBB catchment. Every landholder in the catchment has been invited to be involved.

Whoa boys (or erosion control banks) are a simple method for controlling erosion on unsealed roads, tracks and fire lines.

They are strategically placed to catch water and divert it off the road reducing flow concentration and erosion risk.

Darryl Hill’s training exposed plant contractors and landholders to practical, alternative approaches to prevent water erosion on station roads, tracks, firebreaks and fence lines.

It provided participants with:

  • a better understanding of the cause of water erosion problems on station tracks and fence lines;
  • an overview of traditional versus alternative ways of dealing with water erosion problems;
  • basic surveying principles;
  • on-ground experience in basic surveying skills and the use of a dumpy level; and
  • a demonstration of grader techniques for erosion control.

The whoa boy project fits in with the LDC’s project aims to tackle erosion and improve land management, productivity and water quality flowing into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

If you need whoa boys constructed, or existing ones maintained, contact Brendan Smith on mobile 0417 408 587 or email

Darryl Hill has been educating grader operators throughout the BBB area during the whoa boy project.

Darryl Hill explains the theory behind constructing an effective whoa boy