NQ Dry Tropics Project Officer Dan Hazelman in the field.

NQ Dry Tropics Project Officer Dan Hazelman, right, with Glen Bowen grazier Christian Cormack.

New staffer adds strength to NQ Dry Tropics roster

NQ Dry Tropics welcomes new staff member Dan Hazelman, who brings with him more than 20 years of civil engineering experience in the mining, government and private sectors. 

Dan’s expertise will benefit several projects. He will be working on:

  • a project to repair flood-damaged landscape, funded through the Commonwealth and Queensland governments’ Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA);
  •  gully remediation through the Landholders Driving Change project funded by the  Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program; and
  • fishway construction as part of the Reducing Burdekin Sediment project, funded through the Queensland Government Natural Resource Investment Program.

Dan has designed and documented projects involving earthworks, roadworks, drainage, and water and sewerage reticulation. 

He also has extensive experience supervising construction, maintaining and reviewing construction methodology and permits, undertaking job hazard analysis to help ensure safe working practices, community liaison and conflict resolution.

NQ Dry Tropics has partnered with Alluvium to secure Dan’s expertise for the remainder of 2020, and possibly longer. He will be based in Townsville.

NQ Dry Tropics Project Officer Dan Hazelman.