Innovative programs for rivers

This year’s International RiverSymposium is showcasing innovative programs from around the world that are transforming ailing rivers into resilient rivers.

The LDC project – one of two Major Integrated Projects (MIPs) funded by the Queensland Government – is one of those projects.

The theme for the 22nd International RiverSymposium is ‘Resilient Rivers’. River resilience is the capacity of our rivers and communities to recover from disturbances, like extreme weather events, to a healthy state.

The road to resilience can be a complex journey with the interdependence of environmental, social and economic outcomes.

This year’s Riversymposium will showcase innovative programs, host interactive sessions and celebrate success from around the world that are transforming their rivers into resilient rivers. More information is available here.

The 22nd International Riversymposium will be held in Brisbane on 20 – 24 October.

*Landholders Driving Change is one of two Major Integrated Projects (MIPs) recommended by the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce.  The other MIP aims to reduce nutrient and pesticide runoff from cane and banana farms in the Wet Tropics region. The Queensland Government has committed a total of $33 million to fund both MIPs, which aim to concentrate efforts at a catchment scale, and evaluate how effective they are.