Resource development and landholders’ rights

The Department of Resources has met with BBB graziers to raise awareness around land access procedures and protocols.

Through the LDC project, the Exmoor Cluster Group invited Department of Resources representatives to attend one of its meetings to discuss land access procedures and protocols for mineral and energy resource companies.

The aim of the meeting was to clarify questions landholders had around:

  • land access laws and guidelines that manage rights and obligations of resource companies and landholders (and other relevant stakeholders);
  • options and constraints available to landholders when negotiating land access agreements, in particular:
    • what activities can exploration companies carry out on properties, and what are their restrictions,
    • conditions of access,
    • compensation, if applicable especially around access to tracks across the property and protection zones around agriculture assets, for example, stockyards, bores, dams and infrastructure for controlling surface water flows.

It was a productive discussion and landholders thank Department of Resources representatives Tim Green, Stakeholder Engagement Advisor for the Georesources Engagement and Compliance Unit, and Greg Farlow, Manager of the Georesources Field and Compliance Unit, for attending the meeting.

They provided information on the role of the Department of Resources’ Engagement and Compliance Unit, discussed the land access framework in Queensland including landholder and industry rights and obligations, and explained the dispute resolution options available to landholders and industry when negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements.

Grazier Darcy O’Loughlin is flanked by Tim Green from the Department of Resources and grazier Noel Comerford.

North Queensland etiquette… boots and hats at the door.

Exevale Station grazier Buster O’Loughlin makes a point to Greg Farlow from the Department of Resources.

Facilitating better dialogue

The aim of the LDC’s Policy Engagement activity area is to facilitate better dialogue and relationships between landholders and government to improve understanding of regulation and on the ground activities. 

In the past three years, LDC has facilitated positive collaboration through round table discussions, workshops and field trips between government officers and local landholders with regard to reef and vegetation management regulations.

Grazier Noel Comerford chats to LDC Grazing Field Officer Sheridan Callcott.

Graziers Jack O’Loughlin (centre) with Michael and Troy McEvoy.

LDC’s Sheridan Callcott with Exevale grazier Buster O’Loughlin (centre) and Greg Farlow from the Department of Resources.