Jessica Szalinski, Glencore, (left) and Penelope Davis, Glencore, with (from left) Lindsay Mackie, WRC Works Supervisor Collinsville Depot and WRC Manager Natural Resources Management Scott Hardy

Workshops targeted utility provider groups

More than 15 people from local government and utility organisations attended two workshops in February targeted at non-graziers who manage or use land in the BBB.

They learnt about opportunities to get involved in the LDC project so it can truly be a whole-of-catchment effort.

The half day workshops included:

  • An overview of the LDC project
  • A facilitated shared learning session
  • An update on the proposed collaborative Whitsunday Regional Council / LDC Best
  • Management Practice Erosion Sediment Control project
  •  An insight from a grazier on the LDC project panel
  • An overview of upcoming training opportunities.

LDC Senior Project Officer Lisa Hutchinson said the workshops were well received with participants agreeing to work towards a community-wide approach to achieve long term economic, social and environmental benefits.

“Success in this program area will be demonstrated when mines, utility companies and government departments work collaboratively with graziers to ensure the whole community learns together and strives for better long term land management in the BBB,” Ms Hutchinson said.

“I think it is critical that we engage with land managers outside of the grazing community to ensure that  everyone is on board with this project and we are all working towards a common goal.

“We will never achieve the outcomes we desire if our sole focus is on the grazing community.

“In saying that – this is not a finger pointing exercise – this is a process of gaining an understanding of how other land managers operate, identifying a standard of practice equivalent to what we are asking of the grazing community, then ensuring those responsible for implementing and maintaining on ground works have the knowledge and commitment to deliver at this level.”

EIM’s Anatol Stremouchiw problem solving at the workshop

Ergon Team Leader Peter Gorrie with LDC Senior Project Officer Lisa Hutchinson