Property map helps in property management

A property map can assist with property management and planning including:

  • identifying areas on the property that are sensitive areas such as streams, wetlands, waterways, or any other place where water coming from the livestock operation comes into contact with clean water;
  • identifying soil types and other characteristics, such as slope, that can be helpful in making management decisions like grazing plans; and
  • analysing and monitoring property infrastructure, land resources and groundcover.


Computer mapping software package that equips landholders with new skills and knowledge in on-line digital farm mapping. FarmMap4D has a number of innovative products and tools of use to graziers to assist them in planning, monitoring and managing grazing enterprise decisions i.e. Vegmachine, Forage. Training provided 1:1 with landholder or via group setting via LDC approved trainer. Three-year registration complimentary for participants.

Phoenix Mapping

Computer mapping software package with workshops delivered by AGDATA’s trainers and Agforce. Program integrates easily with the PHOENIX suite of products which is a comprehensive and integrated financial and farm management system.

Google Mapping

Property mapping utilising freely available Google Earth and accessing relevant and up to date Queensland Government data through Queensland Globe. Delivered by DAF, NQDT staff or external providers.

Landholders Driving Change provides extension services and technical support to users of FarmMap4D. Landholders interested in using FarmMap4D can contact:


  • Adrienne Hall on 0428 158 859
  • Eilis Walker on 0412 637 026
  • Sheridan Callcott on 0439 421 994