LDC Program Manager Lisa Hutchinson, Leanne and Barry O’Sullivan, Glenalpine Station, and Mick Shannon.

Restructure and fresh eyes – there’s never been a better time to get involved with the LDC

I STARTED as project manager for the Landholders Driving Change project on 1 April. The irony was lost on me – but a number of people asked if it was an April Fool’s joke!

My feet have barely touched the ground since.  

I would like to acknowledge the role Andrew Yates has played in managing the project to date and wish both he and his family every success in their new adventures.

Planning is critical to success and those who know me well will have heard me say “fail to plan – plan to fail”.

I have prioritised the need to identify strategies that will maximise project outcomes, while delivering meaningful change that will grow throughout the life of the project and into the future as a legacy for the Bowen Broken Bogie (BBB) catchment.

I have worked with the NQ Dry Tropics Senior Management Team to restructure the project delivery team to ensure we make the best use of staff strengths and capabilities. A Grazing Team Leader role has been created and will be recruited shortly.  

Rodger Walker will assume additional responsibilities and will undertake a broader project support role.

Eilis Walker has been seconded from the Townsville office and will work from Bowen for the next two months to ensure the team has capacity to develop projects and have them contracted before June 30.  Many of you will know of Eilis or have worked with her previously – she will be an asset to the project and I’m excited to have her working with us.

In mid-April I flew to Brisbane to attend my first LDC steering committee meeting.  It was a great opportunity to meet committee members, and I firmly believe we are on the right track with the LDC project, with the project starting to deliver on its commitments.

This project’s success is totally dependent on “buy in” from the BBB community. Engagement with the LDC is not just the responsibility of graziers but for every person who operates within the BBB.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the whole community, because the LDC project supports a culture of stewardship that allows all land managers to be effective custodians of the land.

I believe that when all parties work together with transparency and commitment towards achieving a common goal of improved water quality and reduced erosion – both the responsibility and resulting kudos are shared by all.

In terms of time frames, we are halfway through the project, and in terms of delivery we are better prepared and more committed to meeting the needs of the Broken, Bogie and Bowen catchments than ever before.

If you haven’t been involved with the project to date – now is the time.

Lisa Hutchinson

M: 0427 594 192

E: lisa.hutchinson@nqdrytropics.com.au