Exploring all options to provide incentive to change to better practices

EXPLORING New Incentives is an important component of the LDC project, working with landholders to investigate a range of approaches that reward good practice.

LDC engaged CSIRO along with James Cook University and Natural Decisions to research and scope potential institutional arrangements that are realistic in the short term to support ongoing improved practice adoption and landscape remediation over the medium to long term.

That report and recommendations is now complete.

At its September meeting, the LDC Project Panel is expected to adopt some, or allĀ  recommendations, presented in the Landholders Driving Change: Exploring New Incentives Report to be trialled by the project.

This decision will be circulated to all BBB landholders in the October edition of The Grit.

It is recognised that a mix of complementary incentives and associated institutional reforms are needed to support graziers improve water quality outcomes while continuing to improve productivity and profitability.

A flexible suite of incentives is required to support practice change across the different cohorts of graziers in the BBB.

Different incentives work for different groups of graziers, so a mix of incentives will be used to facilitate engagement and adoption to achieve outcomes across the BBB grazing community.

During the life of the project the LDC and NQ Dry Tropics will engage with key institutions – industry, government – to collaboratively influence the development and trial of incentives and supporting institutional arrangements in the longer-term.