LDC, NESP leaders present together at water quality conference

The LDC project has collaborated with many partners during its implementation, providing an opportunity for the team to co-author conference papers and co-present the exciting work taking place in the BBB. 

In April, NQ Dry Tropics CEO and LDC Project Director Scott Crawford, and LDC Land Management Support Coordinator Rodger Walker attended the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) Tropical Water Quality (TWQ) Hub conference and co-presented with the NESP research project leads. 

The two projects taking place in the BBB are:

  • NQ Dry Tropics CEO Scott Crawford co-presented a paper titled ‘Quantifying the effectiveness of gully remediation on off-site water quality: results from demonstration sites in the Burdekin catchment’ with CSIRO’s Bec Bartley.

    Quantifying the effectiveness of gully rehabilitation on water quality: Linkages with LDC around large scale gully monitoring and reporting. Scott Crawford co-presented with Rebecca Bartley, CSIRO. More detail on the results is available here.

  • Targeting Burdekin sediments through landholder monitoring and engagement alongside tracing and modelling: Linkages through the LDC Community Water Monitoring Project and the modelling requirements generally for the LDC project. 

Rodger Walker co-presented with Zoe Bainbridge, TropWATER.

TropWATER’s Steve Lewis, NQ Dry Tropics’ Rodger Walker and TropWATER’s Zoe Bainbridge at the NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub Conference in Cairns.

An automated water quality monitoring station installed at Glen Bowen.

To learn more about the results of the Community Water Monitoring Project, refer to the LDC Community Water Quality Sampling for Sediments and Nutrients within the Bowen Broken Bogie Catchments 2019 -2020 Wet Season Update

The NESP Tropical Water Quality (TWQ) Hub Impacts & Achievements Conference was held at the Pullman Reef Hotel, Cairns on 28-29 April. 

The aim of the conference was to showcase the impacts and achievements of its investment in enabling local, regional, state and national stakeholders to improve water quality outcomes.

During the past six years the NESP Tropical Water Quality (TWQ) Hub has provided research and delivered solutions that are helping to maintain and improve tropical water quality from catchments to the coast. 

For further information, this is the conference program and abstracts, including the two with which LDC is aligned.

A water quality monitoring group was established to collect samples during rain events.

Glen Bowen gully remediation site before on-ground works started.

Glen Bowen gully remediation site after the first wet season post-works.