Videos highlight the success of the Scottville Cluster group

Cluster groups supported by the Landholders Driving Change project help disseminate knowledge and skills in the Bowen, Broken, Bogie rivers catchment.

The self-directed cluster groups, with help from extension officers, aim to deliver skills and knowledge to help landholders improve land management practices to increase productivity and the quality of the water that leaves the property.

These videos focus on some of the gully remediation successes of the Scottville Cluster during the past two years of the LDC project.

Principal Extension Officer from the Department of Fisheries and Agriculture Bob Shepherd helped design and oversee the remediation work on gullies on four Scottville properties — Hillview (below, left), Emohruo (below), and Todsure and Three Mile (below, right) — featured in the videos.

Read more about the Scottville Cluster Group and the ambitious projects they tackled in this story.



RASH Manual

A manual written by soils guru David Hardwick to guide land managers through a Rapid Assessment of their Soil Health. Available as an online publication, or download as a PDF and print it out. Click on the front cover to load it.

Watch the videos to understand how to use the manual to best effect.

RASH video #1

RASH video #4

RASH video #7

RASH video #2

RASH video #5

RASH video #3

RASH video #6

Landholders Driving Change project – Design Phase