LDC project set to continue with new funding

A large-scale gully on Havilah Station, near Collinsville, pictured right, will be the first large gully remediated under Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) funding. It was identified as a priority site in the Griffith University prioritisation report that was commissioned by the LDC project. Landholders, scientists and industry representatives visited the site in September last year, pictured right, during the LDC annual community feedback day.

The LDC project will continue to roll out at series of workshops to landholders in the BBB to help build knowledge and skills about best land management practices.

Maintaining momentum in grazing support and gully repair

The Landholders Driving Change project for 2021 is up and running.

LDC has been extended for a further three years thanks to a $5 million funding injection from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF). 

This funding has been made available through the Water Quality Improvement program funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the GBRF.

The aim is to continue to roll out on-ground activities that will help improve water quality outcomes for the Bowen, Broken, Bogie (BBB) catchment, and the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

The three-year program will maintain momentum in delivery of:

  • Accelerated grazing support (extension) to encourage adoption of improved land management practice, and;
  • Large-scale and small-scale gully remediation.

The project overview

Sediment savings for land management practice change will be delivered through:

  • At least 30 extension, training education and field events held over the life of the project; and
  • A minimum of 30 land management agreements on property, targeting land management practice change.

Sediment savings for Gully Type 1 works (small-scale gullies and erosion features), delivered through:

  • As part of the 30 land management agreements, remediation works on 15 small gullies will be completed; and
  • A medium scale landscape rehydration demonstration site targeting sediment savings will be completed.

Sediment savings for Gully Type 3 works (large-scale gully), delivered with our partners Alluvium and Verterra, operating as an Unincorporated Joint Venture, through:

  • Completion of the Strathmore gully site (Stage 2), located near the Bowen River Hotel; and 
  • Design and implementation of a large-scale gully remediation project at Havilah Station.

The GBRF funded component of the LDC overlaps with the finalisation of the current phase of the LDC project which is funded by the Queensland Government.

NQ Dry Tropics is working hard to manage transitional staffing, and monitoring and reporting arrangements.