Get involved and enjoy the benefits

Getting involved in the LDC project opens doors to access technical experts and a wide range of knowledge and skills building workshops and training sessions.

The grazing support program aims to support local graziers to help develop their skills and knowledge, and to implement practice change for water quality improvement while continuing to improve business productivity and profitability.

The program will roll out over the next three years to support a culture of stewardship enabling landholders to be effective custodians of the land.

The broad mix of actions and activities available include but are not limited to:

  • Forage budgeting
  • Pasture management and productivity
  • Herd management
  • Livestock nutrition
  • Soil testing and soil health
  • Farm track maintenance
  • Property mapping
  • Machinery hygiene
  • Weed and feral animal management
  • Landholder sub catchment and cluster group meetings and workshops

Building knowledge and skills activities can be provided one-on-one, in small groups on a property setting, or at a local community building.

If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to learn more about a topic that isn’t listed here, please contact one of the LDC team members.

GBRF funding to build on LDC achievements

NQ Dry Tropics has secured a $5 million funding boost to build on and continue the efforts of the LDC project. 

The funding comes through the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s partnership with the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

The financial injection is supporting a sediment reduction program to improve water quality in the BBB catchment by delivering:

  • Accelerated grazing support (extension) to encourage adoption of improved land management practices; and 
  • Large and small-scale gully remediation.

The three year project runs from December 2020 to November 2023.

Contact one of the LDC Grazing Field Officers:


Grazing Team Leader

0418 390 406


Land Management Support Coordinator

0408 828 276


Senior Grazing Support Officer

0428 158 859


Grazing Support Officer

0439 421 994