Dr Ian Braithwaite

Herd performance and preg testing workshop

Measuring and benchmarking your herd’s performance and productivity is a key step in analysing the profitability and productivity of your grazing enterprise.

A workshop at Glenden with Dr Ian Braithwaite in June was so successful, we’re organising another one in October, a date and venue to be confirmed shortly.

It’s not too late for producers in the BBB catchment to be involved in the LDC catchment wide preg-testing program. The first 500 cows will be available free of charge.

Conditions apply and participants will also be required to develop a herd management plan with an approved consultant of their choice.

The herd performance and productivity service is part of the LDC’s BBB Grazier Support integrated program that is being rolled out this year.  For more information: BBB Grazier Support program.


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